Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

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It’s amazing how easy it is to accumulate items in the home. From furniture to kitchen accessories, clothing and knick-knacks, it doesn’t take long for the rooms in your home to start filling up. At a certain point, it may be time to declutter.

There are many reasons why you may want to declutter your home. Maybe you’re empty nesters wanting to carve out some more space or you’ve decided to downsize to a smaller home. Perhaps you’re simply overwhelmed with the number of items you have that you longer need or use.

Studies show that decluttering can have a number of benefits for your physical and mental health. A decluttered home not only looks cleaner and more spacious, but it can actually improve your overall well-being. These are just a few of the benefits of decluttering your home.

Mental Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

There is something incredibly liberating about getting rid of things that no longer serve you. Excess items in the home can take up space in your home and in your mind. Once you remove those items, you may find that a weight is lifted off your shoulders.

Research shows that a clean home can also help you focus better. With fewer items crowding your living space, you will have more room to move and fewer distractions. This is especially beneficial for people working from home or those who are trying to implement new habits. 

Decluttering is also mentally beneficial for those starting a new chapter in life. By letting go of old items, you allow yourself the freedom to truly start anew. This can spark inspiration for new design ideas and new ways of living. In addition, it can make the move to a new home less stressful.

If you’re selling your home, decluttering can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Homebuyers want to be able to see themselves in the space, and that’s easier to do when the home is less personalized and more of a blank canvas. A fast sale is less stressful and can be a major mood booster.

Physical Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Many people don’t realize that excess items in the home can actually be bad for your physical health. Those items take up space, which limits your freedom of movement. You may find that you’re tripping over items or bumping into sharp corners.

Clutter can also reduce the indoor air quality in your home. All those extra items can be a magnet for pet hair, dust, and mold. The more items you have in your home, the harder it is to clean and really get into the nooks and corners. Decluttering can clear the space and the air.

Having too much stuff can also cause stress, which takes a toll on the body. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your home, your body may be producing the stress hormone cortisol. This can affect your blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism.

The simple act of decluttering can be a workout in itself. By gathering up the things you no longer need, moving furniture, and carrying boxes or bags of items, you get the blood circulating, move your body, and work your muscles.

How to Declutter Your Home

The key to decluttering is to take it one step at a time. Start off small with one room or one area of the house and focus on just that space. Go through that particular area and decide which items are useful and valuable to you and which items you can do without. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year or more.

How often you declutter is really dependent on you and your lifestyle. You may want to do a sweep through of your home every three months or once a year. If you’re moving house because you’re relocating or downsizing, you may want to do one big thorough deep clean and hold a downsizing sale.

The next question is how to get rid of the stuff you no longer need? An online auction site like MaxSold is a great way to find new homes for your items and earn you some money in the process. In fact, MaxSold was designed specifically for people who need downsizing and estate sales help from experts.

MaxSold provides a platform for sellers to showcase their items to people in their local areas. All you have to do is upload your items and MaxSold does all the marketing, making sure that your items are seen by people in your area who are looking for household goods.

Once your items are listed on MaxSold, buyers can bid on those items. The bidding system is competitive, so your items can sell for more than you expect if a bidding war takes place. When the auction closes, the highest bidder wins that item. The buyer is then responsible for picking up their winning item, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

If you’re planning to declutter your home, MaxSold can help. The professional team can take care of everything from start to finish with minimal work on your part. Check out our Resources page to find out more about decluttering, downsizing, and estate sales. You can also reach out to  start selling your items quickly and efficiently today.

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