Toronto Online Auction

How to Have a Profitable Online Auction in Toronto

What do you do with it all when it is time to downsize, relocate, or you have an estate to sell?  You have everything from family heirlooms to everyday stuff. Luckily, it turns out that 98% of practically everything in a home can be sold through an online auction. However, you need to know how.  That is where MaxSold comes in and saves the day. We can clear an entire houseful of goods in 2 weeks. It's fast, easy, andQsells everything from the fine china to the everyday items.

MaxSold handles the process for you from start to finish.  Our well identified staff come to your home to catalog, measure, and photograph all your sorted for sale items. With experience and knowledge, they will fine-tune your items into lots to ensure a profitable auction. You will have a chance to review and approve the catalog, and your auction will be set to begin. MaxSold will actively promote your auction through social media and high-traffic outlets to attract the right bidders.  You can even send a link to friends and family,  anywhere in the world, to watch the progress of the auction.  

Steps in the tried and true MaxSold auction process:

  • Preparation
  • Cataloging
  • Review
  • Auction Open
  • Preview (Optional)
  • Auction Close
  • Settlement  
After the sale, MaxSold secures all payments. We manage the efficient pick-up process, and ensure your property and goods are secure and going to the new rightful owner. With pre-approval, our staff can even coordinate the giving away of leftover modest value items, so that you come back to a clear home. What a relief!  Here's the best part, within 14 days of the auction close you will receive your proceeds and a full report. Done and done! Get in touch with us today and let's get started.  

“MaxSold has helped us off load everything!”
– Fiona Price